Thursday, February 14, 2013

iOS could suffer a big change this year

One analyst predicts that Apple will rebuild iOS to work with faster processors this year. Based on his age and iOS and personal changes made last year, we could say that's not a bad bet.

cambios ios iOS Podría Sufrir un Gran Cambio este Año

iOS could completely renewed this year

There are many predictions in the air about what Apple will do in 2013: an iWatch? Any iTV? A cheaper iPhone? A note from Jefferies analyst contains many of these predictions, but some of the moves of the company suggest that it will be safe this year is a complete redesign of iOS, which will allow the system to work much better on mobile devices more powerful processors.

In a note sent to investors today, Peter Misek, analyst at Jefferies, said the following:

"We believe that Apple plans to redesign iOS to use more cores and better compete with Samsung. We think that the way that interoperate with iCloud iOS, gesture controls and advertising will be substantially improved. "

We do not know exactly what changes will come to iOS, but we found two major reasons for Apple to decide to make a radical change.

The first is that while iOS has suffered six new releases since its debut in 2007, none of them really important changes course. The arrival of the App Store in 2008 and Push notifications in 2009 were the most important changes has been the operating system of Apple. Apple has been working hard in the consistency of the system, and has made it very good, but iOS was developed at a time when mobile processors were much slower and smaller, and it's clear that iOS was built based on these parameters . At some point, as the analyst, iOS will have to make some radical changes to keep up with mobile processors, which are now much faster and capable.

The second reason to think that could change this year is that, until the debut of iOS 6, the development ran it always the same person. But Scott Forstall was fired earlier this year by Tim Cook, in theory by the debacle of the Maps application. However, I think this will have consequences for the entire system, not just iOS maps. Both the software and the engineering of new supervisors now have iOS. Jony Ive is now in charge of the Human Interface Group, and Craig Federighi was promoted to head the engineering of both iOS and OS X.

Usually new managers want to get hard and make big changes. But now that competitors and hardware continue to improve every day, it may be the perfect time to make them.

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