Tuesday, February 26, 2013

iOS 6.1.2 Becomes the extended version in only 4 days

About a week ago that Apple released version 6.1.2 for its iOS mobile operating system. Actually the new update did not incorporate significant changes, only solved a problem with Exchange accounts appeared in version 6.1 that caused an increase in network activity and the subsequent reduction of the battery. The problem was the synchronization of calendars from Microsoft Exchange , who could not connect to the server and entered a state of infinite loop, thus affecting most models of iPhone and especially the 4S.

Version 6.1.2 has become scarce in a week since its launch in the iOS version with faster host so far. The study was conducted by Chitika, a company specializing in advertising and marketing in the network, which has been reflected by a record traffic of more than 10 million iOS devices since Feb. 19 to the evening of 25, how iOS 6.1.2 represents over 35% of web traffic in North America.

adopcion ios 6 1 2 iOS 6.1.2 se Convierte en la Versión más Extendida en Solo 4 Días

These impressive figures suggest that users prefer to keep up on the issue of updates are concerned, however, as the company Chitika indicates, this is "a great achievement" because we have to keep in mind that this latest version reached in just 48 hours the number of downloads recorded iOS 6.0, the first version of the sixth-generation mobile operating system from Apple that included, among other things, an extension of the languages ​​supported by the virtual assistant Siri and the new maps Apple.

Also keep in mind that the guys Jailbreak Evasi0n supports this latest version of the operating system, which largely accounts for the rapid implementation of this in iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch, both those who had Jailbreak as those without.

chitika 130225 2 iOS 6.1.2 se Convierte en la Versión más Extendida en Solo 4 Días

Currently 92% of the iPhone market are updated to a version of iOS 6 so we can consider that the latest generation of Apple's mobile device has been a success. Despite initial reluctance caused some at launch (topic maps and derivatives), we have gradually seen as users have been updated to the latest version. The push that lacked many, to jailbreak your device and have the Google Maps application, and is given, so we will see how the acceptance of iOS 6 is now almost complete.

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