Friday, February 8, 2013

iOS 6.1 causing problems to capture the 3G network

fallo ios6.1.1 iOS 6.1 causa problemas para captar la red 3G

It seems that iOS 6.1 is not being an update of reference for many users. His innovations are few and on top, many users are experiencing an annoying bug that prevents the iPhone using the 3G network in areas previously working at top speed if we had an older version of iOS.

I myself have had this problem the other day with my iPhone 5 free but used with the company Orange. At first I thought it was odd and I chalked a problem of the operator, however, several Internet forums (including Apple official) complain about this bug that some users experience on your iPhone, regardless of model or operator. There is only one common denominator in all of them: iOS 6.1.

In older versions of iOS, it was enough to put the terminal on and off airplane mode to recover 3G signal but this does not work in iOS 6.1 and the phone gets the EDGE network all the time, making Web browsing is a ordeal.

Currently there is no solution to this bug go through the SAT except for Apple us a new terminal (refurbished) with a version prior to iOS 6.1. You can also try to reset the network settings, or in the worst case, restore back if the problem is too annoying. Hopefully you update soon and not to close the doors to Jailbreak.

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