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If the iPad is a computer, Apple is the company that Sell Computers

Is the iPad a portable media device? A tablet PC maybe? A device entirely "post-PC"? The answer is, of course, "it depends on who you ask."

ipad mini Si el iPad es un Ordenador, Apple Es la Empresa que más Ordenadores Vende

Is the iPad a PC?

We will define the parent category for the iPad and other tablet (like the Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus) as "mobile screens running an operating system focused on contact, no physical keyboard, bigger than a conventional smartphone not offer telephony as main feature. " These devices will call tablet, or "pad" if you want to distinguish them from the tablet PC and the Microsoft Surface.

Given this definition, we have available some very interesting sales comparisons. The fourth quarter of 2012 saw 7.9 million sold Samsung tablet (or "pad") and Amazon sold 4.6 million, according to a report by research firm Canalys. With Apple announced sales of 22.9 million iPads, it is quite clear who is leading the category.

However, Canalys report goes a step further. With a wave of the magic wand of the market share, the report combines iPad 22.9 million with 4.1 million Macs Apple sold last quarter. Consequently, the research company fixed the total sales of Apple PCs in 27 million units in the fourth quarter, crushing smoothly HP, which ranks second with 15 million computers sold.

In fact, if we accept the iPad as a PC, Apple's last quarter was 20% overall share of PC sales for the first time. From 1 October to 31 December, in those 13 weeks, given the loose definition of PC and flat Canalys proposed, one in six PCs sold worldwide is actually an iPad.

I do not dismiss the achievements of Apple's iPad. Sell ​​23 million today anything is hard enough, and a jar of salsa is very far from being a device that has an average selling price of $ 150 higher than a plane ticket between New York and Los Angeles. But just because consumers can choose the iPad as an alternative to buying a laptop or desktop, does not necessarily mean that they can be included as members of the same taxon.

Both the form and function, the iPad and its partners, which have previously put in the name "pad", really should be considered post-PC devices other than PCs and smartphones. No keyboard or mouse required, not running any legacy Win32 or Mac and rarely make phone calls. And certainly do not carry the same way that PC sales

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