Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HTC launches migration software for iPhone users

htc one HTC lanza un software de migraciĆ³n para los usuarios de iPhone

One of the reasons that users are loyal to the iPhone is because, once settled in the Apple system costs far out to get everything absolutely integrated. This integration some see it as a very closed system for the user while others believe that it helps all data is synchronized automatically and independently of the device where Apple.

For a user to leave the Apple ecosystem more easily you need two things: a quality product and software that facilitate the migration of our content from one device to another. Although there were other companies with this system, now is HTC who jumps after announcing its new HTC One

HTC Sync Manager is the program manager investigate the backups created by iTunes to extract vital data to the user: phonebook, pictures, videos, calendar events and text messages (SMS). Once obtained, the program synchronizes the data in the memory of HTC One so that everything is in place and the user does not have to do anything.

There are still many things in the pipeline related to HTC Syn Manager. For example, it is not known whether it will be compatible with Mac or PC (or both), and if the software is not compatible with older phones from HTC.

One of the virtues of the iPhone after switching model is in sync and leave it exactly as it had. This never make it after a change of platform (iOS to Android) but at least the most important data that we do not have to enter them manually.

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