Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to restore your iPhone and remove all traces of Jailbreak

After Apple publish on its website " reasons " why it is not recommended to Jailbreak our devices, many felt that it was a form of "scare". But there are always two sides of the same coin: in favor or against.

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If you've had problems when restoring your device after making Jailbreak and want to remove all traces of it and return to its initial state, we present a method to achieve this. It's simple, just follow the steps listed below you.

There are two ways to restore the firmware of our device through iTunes: recovery mode and the least known, DFU (Device Firmware Update). One way to differentiate is that in the former case iTunes logo appears, whereas in the second screen remains totally black.

In our device DFU mode prevents iBoot (bootloader) during the restoration process, and because he does not check the firmware version installed, iTunes allows us to prevent us return the error: "The iPhone" XXX "can not restored. There was an unknown error "or similar.


The restoration process comprises the following steps:

  1. Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. Turn off the device (after iTunes detects it).
  3. Hold down the Home button and off for 10 seconds.
  4. Release the power button and hold another 10 seconds the Home button.
  5. You will hear a sound in iTunes and the device's screen will be completely black.

The iTunes will tell you that it has detected a device in restore mode. We ask that if we want to restore. With this method we will have our device without Jailbreak, fully restored and left the Apple Store.

DFU mode since you mentioned it a few years ago in one of our mini-tutorials. DFU Mode

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