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How to Reset or Disable Identifier iPad or iPhone Advertising

Today many developers choose to offer their apps completely free in the App Store . Some of these developers do not include advertising, as they have done the job just as a hobby or like and do not try to earn a living from it, but there are many others who are looking for a way to make a profit and if often use advertising to monetize application (if it's offered for free).

iad mobile advertising Cómo Resetear o Deshabilitar el Identificador de Publicidad en iPad o iPhone

IOS devices like the iPad or iPhone are able to store information on a user's specific tastes. Thus, when it comes to display advertising may display ads related to real tastes of a user, based on searches done on the Internet and, in general, the use of the device.

This information is collected completely anonymously and poses no risk to the user of an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, simply gathers to show ads that might interest the user really and so that the developer can more benefits from interesting the user of your application.

The information is stored on the device itself and may change the behavior of this functionality of iOS. Like any other settings on the device is quite simple, though perhaps it is a little more hidden than many would like.

Reset or disable advertising identifier iOS devices: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

When identifier modify the behavior of advertising on an iPad or iPhone you have two options: disable this option and that advertising is to show us of any genre (we are interested or not) or reset the ID to return to collect data from zero (useful if the device has changed hands or our tastes have changed).

To modify these options simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Access Settings.
  • Inside access General Settings - Information - Advertising.

    identificador publicidad iphone 1 Cómo Resetear o Deshabilitar el Identificador de Publicidad en iPad o iPhone

  • Disable Tracking Limit button if we turn off or press on Reset identifier advertising if we want to forget the previous data.

    identificador publicidad iphone 2 Cómo Resetear o Deshabilitar el Identificador de Publicidad en iPad o iPhone

As we can see change this is really simple, if we do not like to collect data about us can completely disable it and forget it, but actually having it active should not pose any kind of problem for our privacy, simply see more ads adapted to our tastes.

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