Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to jailbreak iPad or iPhone with iOS 6.1.2

A few days ago Apple released version 6.1.2 of iOS. Does not incorporate any significant change or add any benefit, only corrects the problems that had Exchange account derivatives, which caused an increased use of the network and therefore a more rapid consumption of our battery. If you do not have these problems it is not necessary, as you will notice no difference, but do not be over.

It appears that the security hole has not been covered in this release and Evad3rs guys are quick to launch version 1.4 of Evasi0n Jailbreak to continue doing all those devices that have been upgraded to 6.1.2. Remember that remains untethered Jailbreak so you must not be afraid to run out of battery or suffer an accidental reboot, not going to lose. Here we show in a few simple steps how to do this, the method has not changed anything compared to earlier versions, but it never hurts you take another look.

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How to Jailbreak untethered to any devices with iOS 6.1.2

  1. Well, the first thing to check is that we have all necessary materials. This is the iOS device with version 6.1.2, a computer (Windows / Mac / Linux), a USB cable to connect your device and most importantly, the latest version of the program .
  2. We have everything you need, but first, let's back up our device from iTunes, does not have to spend anything if you follow the steps carefully, but it will be more secure and in case of a problem we can return to the point this without losing any data stored in the memory of our iOS device.
  3. We downloaded the program from the official website and we have it on the desktop, it's time to open it, connect your iPad or iPhone, click the Jailbreak button and ... BOOM! The program does the rest.
  4. When the progress bar reaches the end Evasi0n warn us that we can unlock the device and click on the new jailbreak application that has appeared in our iDevice Springboard.
  5. Now that we are. We ask you not to touch your device while the application is running and after one or more resets have your brand waiting Cydia icon on your device. This will ask you to identify yourself as a developer, hacker or user. I already let your choice. After last reset, you're all set, the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.2 is in your device.

You are now ready to enjoy your jailbreak and the new possibilities it offers either or just tweaks, new features. Remember that if you want to take full advantage, can stopping by our dedicated section .

Now we just enjoy the new possibilities for now Apple is reluctant to grant.

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