Friday, February 22, 2013

How does a week of gratuity payment of an app in the App Store?

That is what we ask ourselves today: what is the impact on the App Store when an application fee usually becomes free for a limited time.


And for analysis, we draw on the case of Infinity Blade, both for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad. And not by chance, but so you can understand how much impact (positively, in this case) that action on the users.

To begin with, contrary to what you may think, the minimum cost over € 0'89 Free Infinity Blade not supposed to economic losses for the game developers. Why? Because not only have increased the free downloads, but also in-app purchases, something that certainly can not get all the games.


It also has made ​​since Infinity Blade pass 179 to 44th place in a very short space of time. Something that also affects the positive opinion and good positioning of the game developers.


Therefore, we find that a drop in prices reaching timely inclusoa gratuity of a game can, of course, be a bad idea for some applications, but when it comes to big games such as Infinity Blade, is something that undoubtedly increases sales and raises even more (if possible) good reviews and recommendations.

And finally, in case you had not downloaded yet and you want to try, I included the link to the App Store below.

Infinity Blade


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