Saturday, February 23, 2013

How do to make our iPad or iPhone Read Texts

We all know that our iPad or iPhones we facilitate many tasks of daily life, every day we discover new applications that make us more comfortable some aspect of our day to day. Today we will learn how to make our iPad or iPhone we read a text for us, great for those days when we are tired and we have to read a long text or simply have poor visibility.

It is a feature that is present from iOS 5, but it is surprising how many people still unknown. We have tested and the experience has been really successful, the text is read very fluently and with a pleasant female voice (like Siri). We can also use this function in any application that can select text from Safari, Mail, Notes, until Posts.

Making our device we read any text

  1. The first thing to do is go to Settings - General - Accessibility, as the picture shows.

    ajutes general ipad Cómo Hacer para que Nuestro iPad o iPhone Lea Textos

  2. Once there we select Read default selection is deactivated.
  3. In this menu we select the Read option selection and find three options. With Dialects will choose the language in which you want it to be read selected text even find different variants as the Spanish (Spain) or Spanish (Mexico). In speaking speed can choose the speed at which we read the text (I recommend lowering it a bit because I really like the default read pretty fast). With the last option Highlight words we make our every word remarque device while the reads.

    leer seleccion ipad Cómo Hacer para que Nuestro iPad o iPhone Lea Textos

  4. Once we have checked the speed of speech and changed various settings to our liking is time to test the program. We address any application that lets you select text, such as Safari. Select the text in question, let down your finger on it and we see two options, Copy and Voice.
  5. Click on Voice and text automatically begin to be read with a pleasant female voice at the speed that we have chosen.

    leer ipad Cómo Hacer para que Nuestro iPad o iPhone Lea Textos

With these simple steps and you have everything set up for those days you prefer that your device will read something aloud while you're laboras other, or just to brag to your friends about your new functionality.

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