Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hire an Expert Apple in Television LG Display

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, enjoys talking about his company's plans regarding the Apple TV. According to him, now they are pulling the rope to see where it leads. Apparently, this mysterious rope now led them to hire an expert in television panels.

In a recent report, the OLED Association business group reported that Apple had secured the services of Jueng-jil Lee of LG Display. You can imagine which way the shots. Why would the bitten apple company hire an expert panel television in one of the most successful companies in this sector?

Apple hires an expert on television from LG Display

This engineer was responsible, so far, to investigate in the manufacture of television technology based on organic light emitting diodes (OLED). Besides this, he specialized in the production of LCD panels while working, for years, in Samsung. So all I know is brewing in the bowels of the Korean giant as far as television is concerned panels.

Apparently, the first comments of the OLED Association suggest that Lee is undoubtedly the foremost expert in OLEDs that are now in Apple, and why the Californian company has great specialist in their ranks.

apple contrata experto tv lg 650x365 Apple Contrata a un Experto en TelevisiĆ³n de LG Display

Unfortunately, Apple itself has refused to give any information about this new signing, or their intentions to attack when the smart TV market. Tim Cook has said several times that this is a sector that has sidelined several times, and that occasionally arises immerse yourself in it. This is a very interesting area for him, with many possibilities.

However, Apple CEO thinks not give any additional information on this topic. We know how things are done in the company of the apple, and until the device is not present will not have more than a few rumors and some photos taken from suspicious parts factories.

apple contrata experto tv lg 2 650x433 Apple Contrata a un Experto en TelevisiĆ³n de LG Display

So one of the ways we know where the shots are looking to procurement occurring in the sector. The contract for this expert by Apple LG may indicate that he is forming an elite team that is put to work immediately to create a revolutionary television.

What Apple could bring to the field of smart TVs? Right now, the technology is quite mature and competition is fierce, but the giant California has a major ace up its sleeve: the content. The App Store, iTunes, iTunes U and the rest of the ecosystem of applications, videos and music from Apple is something beyond compare and evaluate the user knows.

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