Wednesday, February 13, 2013

He left some pearls that Tim Cook in his recent conference

The CEO of Apple is that keeps on giving talks. Yesterday we learned about some of his statements at the conference of investors from Goldman Sachs. He talked about topics as diverse as the future of your business, competition and strategy, without elaborating long as you can imagine.

Tim Cook talking about buying other companies

This is always a controversial topic: Is it ethical to buy small companies to keep their creative and their ideas, perhaps with the intention of never come to market a technology that could put them in serious trouble? Tim Cook said they are only interested in buy companies that offer innovative ideas. I usually do every three months, and so far they have been going pretty well. Many of Apple's future projects go through this new blood coming into your business.

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Tim Cook speaking about making cheaper products

He is talking a lot lately about the possibility that Apple put up for sale, along this year, cheaper products range iPhone or iPad. The answer is unexpected, but quite reasonable. For Tim Cook, the cheaper iPhone is the lowest of the range that is still sold. On this occasion, refers to the iPhone 4, but highlights his changed position on this issue with the release of iPad Mini.

Tim Cook speaking about the characteristics of OLED displays

As the figurehead of Apple, the important thing is not the size screens. What matters is the saturation, color and brightness that can be enjoyed on a Retina display. These features are way ahead of what the competition can offer right now. Mysteriously, did not deny that it was investigating on a screen larger than 9.7 inches.

tim cook declaraciones 2 Algunas Perlas que Dejó Tim Cook en su Reciente Conferencia

Tim Cook speaking about the iPad market share

On this subject we have spoken : Tim complains that competition does not give data on their sales, and therefore has no reliable information on the market share of the iPad. However, boasts that its tablet is selling like hotcakes in all models and in all countries.

Tim Cook speaking about the Apple Store

Apple CEO pulled chest to speak of their stores, they are something special. In fact, for him not even shops: are friendly places where Apple community can have meetings to share experiences and concerns.

Tim Cook speaking about the future of Apple and innovation

Tim had on hand a phrase from Steve Jobs when asked if his company had lost its way and had finished his glory days:

We make products that people did not know they wanted, and without which they can not now live.

That settled the matter, adding that creativity, innovation and development is something that Apple has written to fire in their DNA. He spoke also of its management team and its engineers and artists, referring to them as superstars in each of their fields.

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