Thursday, February 14, 2013

He discovers a security flaw in iOS 6.1

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As if iOS 6.1 bugs related to 3G connectivity and synchronization with Exchange accounts were little wood for the BBQ, has discovered a major security hole that lets you skip the lock code, view or edit contacts, enter the voicemail and see our photos.

This security flaw only affects users who have iOS 6.1 and since we have to do to run it as if we insert numbers to call the emergency number, only the iPhone can exploit this bug that affects the user's privacy.

If you want to check your own fault, make sure you set a lock code and follow these steps:

  • Lock the iPhone by pressing the power button
  • Press the Home button and do the swipe gesture to unlock
  • Press the emergency call button
  • Now press the power button until the power off slider
  • Click on cancel
  • When the status bar is solid blue, write '911 'as number of emergency
  • Press the call button and immediately hangs
  • Press the power button to lock the iPhone
  • Press Home button again
  • Make the swipe gesture to unlock
  • Hold down the power button and after three seconds, press the emergency call button.

If steps have started correctly (I recommend the video that tops help you post), you will have access to various features of the iPhone. A Apple accumulate you have to fix bugs in a future update.

Update: Apple has acknowledged the error and as with the Exchange bug, say that it fixed in an update to iOS since security is very important to them.

More - Apple will fix the bug in iOS 6.1 Exchange very soon
Source - iDownloadblog

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