Friday, February 22, 2013

Google updates Maps SDK for iOS, opening the API to developers

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Today Google updated Maps SDK for iOS devices, opening the API to developers so they can start working with it. This version of the SDK 1.1 includes support for overlays of soil layers, gesture control and geodesic polylines.

In the video header with Paul Saxman Mano Marks and demonstrate the capabilities of the Google Maps SDK for iOS in version 1.1. To use it, activate the Google Maps SDK for iOS in the Google API Console along with other company's API, previously, there will have to register and wait for access. They also include a new application as an example to make it even easier to learn to use Google Maps in your application. It features various tools offered by Google for its iOS maps including different data sets, overlays, and 3D views.

Google introduced the Google Maps SDK for iOS, while the Google Maps application. The SDK was limited at first, but has now reopened. When Apple released iOS 6 was remove the Google map application for iOS mapping solution by Apple and Google released the app in the App Store .

Google tries to make the SDK available deposit as soon as possible. And now building some features that the Web version of Maps has had for a long time, and others, such as gestures, which are specific to smart devices.

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