Friday, February 22, 2013

Google Updates its Maps SDK for iOS and Open to Developers

Google just updated their maps SDK for iOS to version 1.1 and it has opened the API program, which allows any authorized developer can start working with the program. Recall that the long-awaited version of Google Maps reached iOS in December , but only gave the SDK to developers selected by them. Now finally the software development kit is available for those who want to help improve the application.

gmm ios icon Google Actualiza el SDK de sus Mapas Para iOS y los Abre a Desarrolladores

As we have those responsible, Mano Marks and Paul Saxman, the new update includes some new features like support for overlapping layers of soil, and gestural controls geodesic polylines. To facilitate the work of developers, Google has created an application-tutorial so that these can be done with the program and features much faster. The application has all the tools available to Google on their maps: vector-based views, overlays, different planes, ultimately transferring iOS all the tools that are already present in the Android SDK.

Google updates the SDK opening the door to all developers and new features including

This includes a new advantage, both for users and for application developers themselves. From now may choose applications that want to use the maps (so far only Apple could incorporate), so we may see that trend continue applications if celebrities are choosing Google maps or if otherwise continue with Apple.

In the video below we explain their responsibles new possibilities offered by this update:

The panorama of the maps in iOS is very tight and we can not avoid being somewhat remember that splitting of the battle still raging between iOS and Android, against open system closed system. Apple decided to get into the field of the maps, as a clear sign that he wants to achieve independence on Google, but the giant search engine has matured many years its application. Let's face it, Apple has it really hard, their maps were not expected at the outset, but it seems that little by little the great big hand is correcting their mistakes and can be a matter of time that provides an attractive alternative. Is up to the user to choose which you prefer to use maps on your iPad or iPhone

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