Saturday, February 23, 2013

Google goggles are compatible with our iPhones

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One of the most ambitious projects in the works right now Google is in its augmented reality glasses, an accessory that will allow us to interact with everything around us in our daily life easily. In the video that heads this article you can see things so astounding that Google goggles are capable of.

From the website The Verge have been lucky enough to try the Google Goggles and confirmed to be compatible not only with the Android smartphones that contain, but also work with iPhones. The glasses do not have 3G or LTE connectivity itself, but it can connect to the internet via Wifi or can connect with our smartphones via Bluetooth. Thus, if our shift telephone operator has the option to castrated tethering or hotspot with your iPhone, we will be able to connect the Google Goggles internet through your phone data.

Know if the glasses will allow us to send messages via the iPhone, but it looks so. We know that since Google always been prepared to enable all its tools not only to its user community, but also to those of the competition.

Google Glass could go on sale later this year.

More information- Google shows your glasses in action

Source- The Verge

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