Thursday, February 14, 2013

Google could pay 1,000 million dollars to Apple in 2014

We all know the enmity between Apple and Google, as well as the few relationships that still continue to maintain as partners.


Given this, why Google might pay more than 1 billion to Apple in 2014? According to a report by Morgan Stanley, that happen to remain the default search engine on iOS.

Considering that Google pays each year about 3.5 dollars per device to Apple, and in 2009 paid 82 million to keep this privilege, if the number of iOS devices continues to grow at current rates, and continues to maintain this potential According to many devices, you just have to do calculations ...

No doubt Apple "a free iPhone Google" is a possible incentive but what about for users?. Bing, Microsoft, could be an alternative as a new default search engine. Bing is now the default provider of Nokia and BlackBerry.


Currently Apple enters a large sum every year thanks to Google, but deprive them of a shortcut by iOS users would be a blow to the company "rival".

What will decide the bitten apple company? Do you keep that source of annual income or deal a blow to Google? Do you keep the confidence of users already accustomed to the frequent use of Google or risk a shift to Bing or Yahoo?


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