Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gene Munster thinks so Habra Low Cost iPhone

There are rumors that three people are talking about regarding Apple. The first is the possibility that Apple will launch a TV market, the second speaks of a smart watch that has been dubbed iWatch and the third and perhaps the most recurrent is the possibility that Apple provide a low cost iPhone.

iphone bajo coste Gene Munster Cree que sí Habra iPhone de Bajo Coste

Perhaps the rumor that most talked about in recent months and that perhaps has more strength and acceptance is the possibility that Apple iPhone launch to the market a low cost. The sources for this rumor are several and they all agree that is the way forward for Apple, but the company itself has refused on more than one occasion.

Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray is one of the greatest analyst who focuses on Apple and its business. This analyst has hit countless times in his predictions about the world and it seems that Apple is willing to continue claiming that the company is developing a low-cost iPhone.

Gene said:

"We believe a lower priced iPhone would be a positive for Apple shares for two reasons. First, despite the lower profit margin, Apple should accelerate the growth of their gross profits and the low-end market is a market of 135 billion dollars. Second, investors have historically bought Apple stock just before the launch of new products. "

Gene Munster believes that Apple could release a cheaper iPhone to compete in a market of 135 billion

Clearly, Apple's stock to be a very good thing that the company was encouraged to launch a low-end terminal, but Apple has said on more than one occasion that it is not that. Apple seeks not only the maximum amount of money possible, but seeks to make the best products on the market (and indeed has not gone wrong so far).

precios smartphones bajo coste Gene Munster Cree que sí Habra iPhone de Bajo Coste

In some countries such as Germany, UK, France, China, India or Brazil, Apple is selling the iPhone 4 like hotcakes and still is a terminal 133% more expensive than the global average low-end smartphones, so Apple could make a lot more money and could adjust prices to regain some of the market share it has lost to other competitors such as Samsung.

Certainly a market of 135 billion dollars is a very interesting market, but Apple has insisted more than once that they would launch a low cost phone. Furthermore, the Cupertino company has hit a major downturn in the stock market, something that does not please shareholders and could bring more of a headache. Do you think the Apple Tim Cook will be able to launch a low-cost iPhone to please shareholders? Do you end up confirming rumors?

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