Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Apple acknowledge that they have been victims of an attack by hackers

Screen Shot 2013 02 19 at 6.02.28 PM Desde Apple reconocen que han sido vĂ­ctimas de un ataque de hackers

First came the Twitter social network which received a cyberattack with the result of 250,000 stolen passwords. Then Facebook was the second U.S. company to recognize that "they had been victims of a sophisticated attack" that buzzed its employees for a few weeks, but ultimately did not affect the privacy of its users. Media like The New York Times also suffered cyber attacks lately. To all these companies now have to add Apple.

The bitten apple has officially admitted today that it has been the victim of a hacker attack that Macs and their employees have been affected. Again, Java has been the victim of a vulnerability found in browsers and Apple has already announced that some of its computers have been victims of the attack. Apple employees were invited to visit a page for developers (the same case that occurred in Facebook) and hackers gained access to those computers through the web portal and vulnerabilities found in browsers. Now Apple is working with U.S. authorities to trace the origin of the cyber attack.

Apple has announced that the attack has not affected the personal information of its customers. The company will release an update for the malware detection tool in OS X for users to track their Macs.

More information- Hackers still exploits for future jailbreaks

Source- Reuters

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