Sunday, February 3, 2013

Freeing your iPhone? A crime (if you're in the U.S.)

So, you have not misread. Since late January 2013 release your smartphone is severely punished in America. And it's no joke, the penalties can reach $ 500,000 and / or 5 years imprisonment ($ 1,000,000 and / or 10 years imprisonment for repeat offenders).

Prohibido desbloquear en Estados Unidos

If the smartphone in question was acquired after January 26, only Apple, the manufacturer or your carrier can unlock your mobile terminal.

Until now we knew it was illegal to Jailbreak your iPhone, but now you can also be punished by unlock if you live in the United States. The imposition of this penalty depends, in the first instance, of what U.S. judges decide in each case. Not to forget, that the penalty will be applied to both the person who unlocks the phone and the person making the request.

Sanciones por desbloquear un smartphone
What do you think about this? We hope that these laws never come across the pond ...


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  1. Not any more.This not only applies for iPhones but for all mobile models.Yes....unlocking phones through ways other than network provider has been legalized.I unlocked my Blackberry.I had to travel outside my country and I had to unlock it very quickly.My network provider prolonged the unlock process...and luckily the amendment of unlocking phone made legal saved my time.I used the service from and removed the network lock very easily.They unlocked my phone within few hours....