Monday, February 25, 2013

Free Antivirus for Mac

It seems that almost is much more common to find thousands of virus fully developed for the sole purpose of attacking operating systems Windows .

That precisely meet a diverse amount of virus that may affect our Mac. But this does not mean there are not fully virus designed to attack a Mac

For this reason, it is good to choose antivirus for Mac, especially when free antivirus because ultimately they fulfill quite the same mission as the payment, and they are totally free antivirus.

Best free antivirus for Mac

Some of the free antivirus for Mac include the following:

  • iAntivirus
    This is a totally free antivirus that offers total protection against both spyware and viruses on our Mac
    It has in turn in different scan modes, and when it detects something, it quarantines at the time, so that then you can see which files have been infected.
    - Operating system: Mac OS X.
  • Zebra Scanner
    Although in a sense not a virus itself, can uncover those hidden Trojan that may be in a media file.
    You can select the folder you want to scan, and is also able to detect some other virus.
    - Operating system: Mac OS X.
  • The Achaean
    It can detect and remove Trojan hidden in multimedia files, like Zebra Scanner, which comes in handy for users who tend to use a lot of P2P networks.
    - Operating system: Mac OS X.

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