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Four Apps for Taking Notes from iPad

A lot of people like to take notes of anything that was going through your head or you see everywhere. Use paper and pen is an option, but a limited choice and often get together causes a huge amount of paperwork and then be impossible to find a specific entry.

How would you like to do this kind of scoring with ease and not have trouble finding the notes later? The iPad is a great tool for this type of tasks and when combined with some of the applications that exist to take notes by hand and a Stylus to do so as if it were a pen. Thus, the iPad becomes a notebook virtually unlimited and we can always take with us and of course a great way to always have our notes located and organized.

If you are wondering who might be useful in applications such annotations do not miss these recommendations of applications available on the Apple App Store.

tomar notas ipad Cuatro Apps para Tomar Notas desde iPad

Four great apps to take notes from iPad or iPad mini

Notes Plus

Start using Notes Plus is really easy. Just install it we will find a great tutorial on how to use the tool, but it really is very easy and within minutes of starting to use it you will move through it like a duck to water.

The list of features of this application is very wide: automatic shape recognition and conversion aa vector image, ability to insert images and pictures, can record audio and attach it to the note, customization and style of pencil thickness, colors, fillers ... the list is endless.

It also has an integrated browser which is a really attractive feature. With it, you can use images, texts or virtually any content directly from a web page. Certainly a very to consider.


This application limits us to only use six different colors and three thicknesses of pen, which makes it a quick and easy to make quick notes without any pretensions. Some changes such as the type of "paper" is made globally, so it is not possible for each entry individually.

Penultimate allows export to PDF and you can also send a page or even the complete notebook for further editing on another device. One of the most interesting features of this application is the seamless integration with Evernote, because it allows us a very quick and good search handwritten notes.

Note Taker HD

One of the coolest features of this application is the ability to write text with automatic feed, ie, offering the possibility of entering text by hand and that the "paper" virtual you scroll automatically. In addition, you can also zoom in on the writings, which is useful especially for those who have a disastrous calligraphy.

The application offers customizable pens, pen options, predefined shapes and is very accurate to select and move any content, so compose a note is a breeze. Adaptation to the application may be a little slow, but once we used is a powerful tool.

Bamboo Paper - Notebook

This is possibly the simplest application of all of the above, but has a point where it stands out above the rest: the writing speed, is the application that has achieved better results in the write speed and virtually no lag exists between our line and the appearance on the screen.

The application has certain limitations such as the ability to write only in nine colors and three thicknesses of pen only. It would also be interesting to the eraser had several adjustable sizes, as currently only one available.

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