Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fixed some problems caused by Evasi0n Jailbreak

Upon release of the popular Jailbreak for iOS devices Evasi0n 6 and above, the team behind it has released at least two updates to fix some problems caused by the jailbreak, which has been downloaded over 1.5 million times since its release Monday. The most common error that caused the Jailbreak was blocking and failures of implementation time.

How curious that the application that comes standard time in iOS devices is not really an Apple app, courtesy of Yahoo (using data from The Weather Channel), contrary to what they say most media. The new patch replaces manual patch is released soon but it was difficult to implement and can be applied on all devices now Jailbroken evasi0n through the Cydia store.

Cydia evasi0nfix inline Solucionados algunos Problemas Provocados por el Jailbreak Evasi0n

The Evad3rs team launches a series of patches to fix some bugs caused by Evasi0n Jailbreak

The patch updates UIKit Tools and comes with another update to the application itself evasi0n (now at version 1.1) which fixes a problem caused by restarting several times with Jailbreak devices. Currently there is no solution for users to indicate not access your iTunes purchase history (and therefore can not access their applications, music or other files for download purchased again).

An unofficial application designed to allow the installation of applications pirates called AppSync, apparently also has some problems with the jailbreak, as it seems to interfere with iCloud functions such as synchronization, as explained MuscleNerd, Evad3rs team member.

Users who have performed the Jailbreak Evasi0n can not, for obvious reasons, upgrade to any future version of iOS that Apple launch. A later update software evasi0n could overcome this problem, but Apple continues to make improvements in the security of iOS, improvements that make the Jailbreak is increasingly difficult.

Problems such as instability of some applications, battery discharge and other minor issues are mostly common in Jailbreak, since they are based on the injection of new code that overwrites portions of the original Apple code. Apple also announced other potential risks Jailbreak , as we saw yesterday.

Meanwhile, Apple has already warned that the devices could be rejected Jailbreak warranty service or additional security, particularly if there is any possibility that the Jailbreak is related to the problem indicated by the client. Most devices can easily be restored to its original version thus depriving Jailbreak, provided they are operable. If they are not (ie, when they have suffered what is commonly known as a "brick"), then we can not remove the jailbreak before taking it to service.

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