Friday, February 22, 2013

First Pictures of a possible component of the iPad mini 2

Much is talking lately about the second generation of iPad mini. The most widespread rumor is that the device will feature a high-resolution Retina display, as with the 9.7-inch iPad or the iPhone for several generations. The truth is that the rumor makes little sense and the biggest criticisms of the original mini iPad were related precisely to this, with the screen resolution.

carcasa trasera ipad mini 2 Primeras Fotos de un Posible Componente del iPad mini 2

As for other possible features has not been discussed much. It seems clear that the mini iPad 2 will feature a more powerful processor, maybe some more RAM and you may see a 128GB model as is the case currently with the iPad 4.

This could be the back cover of the iPad mini 2

Now the Chinese WeiPhone blog has published some pictures of what is supposed to be the back cover of the second generation of the iPad mini. Overall the look of these pieces is similar potential to those that know the current model, but with slight differences. The most notable is that it gives the impression that the device would be a bit thicker, but considering that the iPad 3 was a bit thicker than the iPad 2 to incorporate the Retina display would not be something so outlandish.

carcasa trasera ipad mini 2 2 Primeras Fotos de un Posible Componente del iPad mini 2

On the other hand, it is striking that the Apple logo on the back is blue, like the name of the product. So far Apple has never changed the color of the logo. What could this mean? It could mean that the company is planning to introduce the future iPad mini 2 in different colors as it has done with the iPod touch, which is just a prototype with which they are doing some tests and that these images are false and do not correspond to parts manufactured Apple, ie they are mere imitations.

Anyway, until Apple decides to bring the mini iPad 2 officially not leave doubts, we will not know what really in Cupertino are preparing for the second generation of its successful tablet of 7.9 inches.

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