Thursday, February 28, 2013

Files App, the new file manager for iOS Mobile Sonic

Files app is, in summary, a style folder "My Documents" on our device, a sort of drawer where we keep all the files you want to carry around to see them from the device itself, Dropbox or from any computer (without installing anything).

Files App 1 App 2 Files Files App 5

Images, text documents, PDFs, music, videos, compressed files ... This has no place in Files app and can, in addition almacernarlos, play. So we can watch a movie, unzip a file, see a picture or hear a song, all with a simple interface and easily.

To start using it, just have to choose how to add files, choosing among several: From a Mac or PC, from a roll of film, save a document from an email received via a URL or services like Dropbox , box or google Drive.

Once you choose the best method, we can organize files by position or folders, rename, duplicate, compress or decompress, open them with external applications or download them and view them from any computer with browser access.

Files App MACPC

In this way, we can turn our device into a storage disk, clear considering that the space limit is the one with our device.

The app is universal, so you can download it on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Files App

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