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Fairway Solitarire HD, Best Card Game for iPad undoubtedly

fairway solitaire hd ipad app store Fairway Solitarire HD, El Mejor Juego de Cartas para iPad, sin duda

Today we tried a game for iPad completely different from what we were used to when you download a game of solitaire type (letters) on the App Store. Fairway Solitaire HD is truly amazing, perfectly combines the classic game of solitaire with golf, relying extra minigames that you'll laugh for sure. The game's story comes from years ago. Golfers have always ruined any time known of moles, from ancient Egypt to the present. But now a mole will stand up for all and may end up with the entire golfing community, will you help?

In Fairway Solitaire HD for iPad have to solve each level you lonely proposes to complete the hole in golf, if possible under. You can download the game for free from the App Store and is compatible with all iPad models including iPad Mini. Try and make your own review!

Fairway Solitaire HD, highly addictive!

Your Fairway Solitaire HD experience begins at a golf course designed to learn completely. In "Golf Academy" you know how the game works before you dive in other fields more complicated. The tone of the game is simple yet very funny. You have a deck and a letter you know, from there you have to look up numbers or letters fewer than in front of you to kill all the cards in the display.

fairway solitaire hd ipad app store 2 Fairway Solitarire HD, El Mejor Juego de Cartas para iPad, sin duda

In each hole you play you'll find different obstacles to overcome, such as letters with tall grass, watermarks, sandbars. Each obstacle that you find on the golf course will have to overcome in different ways and when you get'll unlock more cards that can help you make a great shot. Gran shot means you've played with success and continuity six cards or more. The more cards you are able to hit at once, reach farther your shot and you get bonuses in the form of grants or extra coins.

fairway solitaire hd ipad app store 3 Fairway Solitarire HD, El Mejor Juego de Cartas para iPad, sin duda

The first set of fields where you play is beginner mode but start rising levels of difficulty and sometimes cost you a little more level up. Within your deck of cards can Apparate wild cards. Thanks to these special cards have the opportunity to participate in one of the minigames and earning coins will choose, but beware, the mole can bad to steal letters from the pile or worse ... Among the minigames that can touch you is a hilarious race topos or an arrow that will throw the ball directly into the hole.

fairway solitaire hd ipad app store 4 Fairway Solitarire HD, El Mejor Juego de Cartas para iPad, sin duda

In addition to using the letters you see on the screen you can also use the golf clubs that you earn in each game. Bats give you the card you need at all times, if you feel you can use locked and magically appear on your lot a letter with the same number as the stick you selected. If you can find the golden stick the card can use it as you want, you'll just have to click on the letter below and work!

fairway solitaire hd ipad app store 5 Fairway Solitarire HD, El Mejor Juego de Cartas para iPad, sin duda

We recorded a video so you can see how it looks Fairway Solitaire HD for iPad:

Fairway Solitaire HD is great and the gameplay provides evidence attest to that. When you start you can not stop. The graphics are truly wonderful and the soundtrack and comments are in tune with the game. At first you'll think you're in front of a simple game, but you'll soon realize that the difficulty level will increase gradually. Within the game you find a store where you can buy items that will help in the minigames and golf courses. If you do not have enough coins you can always buy a pack, the one that best suits the need. Once you've tried the game or even if you've spent so you can buy the full version you will enjoy the new golf courses worldwide, new shorts from our friend the mole and have full access to the store of enhancers. Besides all the advantages you'll enjoy if you buy the full version, you also give away 5000 coins, is not it just great?

From iPadizate invite everyone to try Fairway Solitaire HD is completely free and offers a lot more than it seems. Play Solitaire thus completely changes your thinking in each game and also enjoy more with the minigames that will happen from time to time. Have you tried the game? Have your say and tell us what you golf is more complicated! Ah! and do not forget to hit our friend the mole every time it appears on the screen, always give you some extra coins.

Beware! Hook ... And much!

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