Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Experiment: Students who prepared the exam with an iPad did better

Way back in 2010, UC Irvine began an educational initiative called iMedEd, which consisted of giving students first-year medical an iPad. The famous Apple tablet would be filled with all the content needed to succeed in their first year in college.

IMedEd The program was aimed at reinventing the way that medicine is studied, and the manner in which students are shaping your professional resume. Three years later, it appears that iMedEd being successful.

Experiment: students who prepared the exam with an iPad did better

Today, Apple has awarded this initiative with the label "Apple Featured Program", which was announced with great fanfare this morning by their creators. In the press release, the dean of the faculty of medicine at UC Irvine, Dr. Ralph V. Clayman said he had been awarded iMedEd precisely because the initiative was leading the process of change in the educational paradigm century.

estudiantes ipad examen mejor Experimento: Los estudiantes que Prepararon el Examen con un iPad lo Hicieron Mejor

He added:

In the faculty of medicine at UC Irvine, we see that our talented students have a characteristic way of learning. Our challenge and our responsibility is to provide a range of training opportunities so that each of our students to acquire knowledge in full is expected of him. So, we can get into the labor market at the best possible medical professionals.

IMedEd digital platform has allowed us to meet this responsibility in a way unimaginable years ago. All aspects that make our great medical school are now integrated into the iPad. Now, learning is an activity that can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's not something you have to limit the activity in class or on the desktop. That is why our students are learning much better than when it was in the past.

The iPad we deliver to our students include hundreds of medical applications, the ability to take notes and record video and audio, and access to all classes of faculty using podcasts. Students also have access to all medical records of thousands of patients.

estudiantes ipad examen mejor 2 650x432 Experimento: Los estudiantes que Prepararon el Examen con un iPad lo Hicieron Mejor

How this initiative will be gone? Apparently, students who used the program to prepare their exams iMedEd took 23% more than their peers note that decided not to use it. It's a fairly important when we talk of return to education. Keep in mind also that the student group was fairly homogeneous (similar notes in GPA and MCAT tests), so we can infer that the study is fairly predictable: the iPad is the main reason that increased their scores .

Would you like to see a similar program at your university?

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