Sunday, February 10, 2013

Evasi0n is updated to fix some Bugs

The tool star in the world of jailbreak is called evasi0n. At present, about ten million users of iOS 6 and above have successfully releasing their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Not even a week has passed, and its creators have already released several updates that fix the minor bugs and increase the stability of the process.

Evasi0n is updated to version 1.2 to fix some bugs

This gives us an idea of the professionalism of Evad3rs hacker group that although they receive some donations for his work in principle do so entirely altruistic. I was able to jailbreak iOS 6.1 on several devices from Tuesday, and the truth is that everything has gone smoothly.

So if any of you have been thinking himself if jailbreak or not, this is the time to do it. The new version 1.2 of evasi0n Fixed a few bugs, so we recommend that you aseguréis you have installed the latest version.

evasi0n actualiza corregir bugs Evasi0n se Actualiza para Corregir Algunos Bugs

Specifically, some of the improvements in this version include:

  • Fixed some issues that caused the reset periods are too long.
  • Fixed problems related to time zone area.
  • Fixed bug that caused the mysterious disappearance of the weather app on iPad. Apparently, many users had reported to the creators of this famous jailbreak iOS native application had ceased to exist in its Springboard right after the jailbreak.

Another important feature of the new version 1.2 of evasi0n is the option to disable software updates OTA (Over The Air). This technology activated the automatic update of iOS if your device was connected to a WiFi network and out a new version of iOS.

Imagine the business that would be if one day all of a sudden we find that we have lost our jailbreak because we forgot to turn off automatic updates OTA operating system of our iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

evasi0n actualiza corregir bugs 2 Evasi0n se Actualiza para Corregir Algunos Bugs

The truth is that if we've done our device jailbreak iOS 6.0 or 6.1, there is need for us to do with this revision of evasi0n. Each of these updates and corrections we have discussed are available from Cydia. Do not tell me these are not some hacker cracks Evad3rs, eh? They have thought of every detail.

The jailbreak has proven to be a tremendously popular process, and Apple should take note of this. There is a percentage of iOS users, usually the more experienced, who are demanding a number of improvements in the mobile operating system of the Californian company.

Have you done the jailbreak on your device and iOS 6 ? What are you waiting for? What are your favorite Cydia tweaks? Do you expect Apple to implement some of them in the new iOS version 7, which presumably we will see in the summer of 2013?

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