Friday, February 8, 2013

evasi0n breaks all records with 7 million jailbreaks

Screen Shot 2013 02 08 at 12.47.24 PM evasi0n rompe todos los r├ęcords con 7 millones de jailbreaks

Undoubtedly, evasi0n has been one of the most anticipated Jailbreaks by the user community. And impatience for the arrival has resulted in a real record: the jailbreak evad3rs group has registered more than 7 million installations in just four days, as reported today in the journal Forbes , which also reflected "the madness of traffic "that Cydia has experienced in recent days. It is not uncommon to find this statement, since we know that Cydia collapsed during the early hours of the launch of the jailbreak.

So, the jailbreak hackers group comprised evad3rs, get beat the previous record set by the jailbreak of iOS 5, Absinthe. This is the breakdown of evasi0n jailbrak devices that Cydia has in recent days:

  • iPhones: 5150000
  • iPads: 1.35 million
  • Touch iPods: 400,000

No doubt that these figures will continue to increase over the coming days.

If you want to know all the details about this Jailbreak, we encourage you to listen to our Podcast News iPhone 3 × 10: evasi0n, where we explain how to install it.

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Source- Forbes

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