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Enter More by Apple iTunes and other manufacturers accessories for Smartphones

By now it's no secret that Apple has become a real monster to generate money. Its success is such that if the different ranges of products of the company are sold by different companies would still have more benefits than other companies with a turnover enviable by many other companies.

The great success of the iPod and later devices like the iPhone or the iPad has made Apple is at the forefront and that virtually any product that come to market will become a blockbuster sales. Today Apple is a company of portable devices and content that a computer manufacturer, but the Mac still on the tables of many, many people and thanks to sales of other products ever reach more people.

grafica ventas itunes smartphones Apple Ingresa Más por iTunes y Accesorios que Otros Fabricantes por Smartphones

Apple takes in more money from iTunes sales of accessories and other manufacturers from sales of smartphones

To get an idea of ​​the size you have some of the departments of Apple can echo the graph created by Horace Dediu. This person has compared the revenues from the sale of smartphones from different leading brands and compared with the combined revenues from sales of iTunes and Apple accessories. The result is quite striking, as sales of iTunes and Apple iPhone accessories is more lucrative smartphone sales to other manufacturers, with the exception of Samsung that also things are working extremely well with its extensive range of Android smartphones.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, Nokia (third largest seller of smartphones in the world) joined some 5.4 trillion. Sony, $ 4 billion, RIM and LG a figure close to $ 2.8 trillion. No doubt they are very impressive figures, figures and would like to get to many other manufacturers, but when compared to the combined sales of iTunes and accessories for iPone pale to discover that Apple reached nearly 6 billion dollars just for these two arms of your entire business.

The reason that these two businesses as successful Apple is the ecosystem that the Cupertino company has created about their products. The main company's devices are able to access the iTunes store (iBook Store, iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store) and also selling iPhone accessory is benefiting from the large number of devices that the company sold every month and it seems that for now it will not stop.

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