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Editing Commands Siri to make corrections

Siri has a pretty good understanding (perhaps better in English which is Castilian), but not always perfect, and sometimes misunderstood some things or have trouble with the spelling of certain words and names. If you see mistakes Siri to understand what we say, or if you want to correct or change the question or asking Siri command, you can do this easily by editing the query text directly on the screen of Siri:

  • After issuing a command Siri or ask a question, press and hold a part of the dialogue.
  • Use the standard iOS keyboard to modify the query, then click "OK" to ask Siri modification.

edit siri commands Cómo Editar los Comandos de Siri para Hacer Correcciones

You can modify the query text to anything you want, but it's best to do this only when Siri not fully understand the text. The following example shows text wrapping in a weather research:

editing siri commands 395x350 Cómo Editar los Comandos de Siri para Hacer Correcciones

After making any changes, Siri will return a response based on the setting.

edit siri and search again 395x350 Cómo Editar los Comandos de Siri para Hacer Correcciones

This setting works in any dialogue or question that you do to Siri. You can get some ideas from the giant list of Siri commands. This list can get asking "What can you do?".

On the other hand, if Siri has frequent problems in understanding the names of your contacts and companies, adding to the phonetic spelling book entry can solve most of these problems and avoid having to repeat it many times or have to edit the text. To do this, we will:

  • Open Contacts and press "Edit" on the contact that you see that Siri has trouble locating.
  • Tap "Add Field" and choose "Name (phonetic)" and / or "Name (phonetic)".
  • Fill in the fields as the name should sound, and then click "OK".

The most obvious thing we can do is pronounce syllables or sounds spelling, and the results will be better. Here are some screen shots used in a fictitious name, but has gotten Siri pronounce it correctly.

add phonetic spelling to contact names Cómo Editar los Comandos de Siri para Hacer Correcciones

This setting also has the side effect of improving the accuracy of Siri when you are asked to call or write a message to someone in the contact list, as you will note the phonetic spelling. It is especially useful with the names that have unique spellings or pronunciations.

It is possible that Spanish names is not as necessary, but if you have friends or business contacts in other countries can be very useful to use the phonetic name that Siri can easily find it.

This mini-guide also supports Siri for iPad , of course.

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