Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Drawings already have Angry Birds release date: March 16

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The most famous saga Finnish developer Rovio, 'Angry Birds', and has animated series. Although at first it seemed that Rovio had intentions to market the series through smart TVs (eg Samsung TVs), now the strategy has changed and used YouTube as a distribution channel. Thus, Rovio can generate revenues from ads shown and the fans of the series will not have to pay to download each chapter.

'Angry Birds Toons' already has web page and official release date: 16 and 17 March. Then we can see the adventures of the birds and pigs that appear in the titles of 'Angry Birds' and 'Bad Piggies'. Published in the trailer, sure you come to recognize all the characters and their characteristics unfolding in Piggy Island. In the video we can see that reflected elements of games such as slingshots and even we witness the 'bad piggies' different artifacts to be built with the eggs of birds.

No doubt that 'Toons Angry Birds' will be another success for Rovio, which has built an empire around one of the most downloaded games in the history of the App Store.

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