Thursday, February 7, 2013

Discovered that iOS attachments Save deleted messages

This is a bit strange. It has been recently discovered that iOS saves SMS and iMessage attachments deleted.

The software stores all attachments in the directory Library / SMS / Attachments and when messages are deleted, they are supposed to be deleted too in this directory.

But, as many users have pointed out, it seems that it is not. A particular user on a quest to determine exactly where the storage was labeled "other" in your device, found that the specified directory containing thousands of sub-folders with images he was sure he had removed.

adjuntos mensajes Descubierto que iOS Guarda los Archivos Adjuntos de los Mensajes Borrados

Looks like iOS save message attachments even if deleted messages in the application

Here's a message that this Reddit user wrote in late December:

"In another attempt to find out exactly what it was labeled as" other "on my computer (which is precisely what most occupied space), I deleted everything I had. All applications, music, photos, etc ... I cleaned the cache of Safari, I removed all the text messages and all email accounts.

To navigate the device with iExplorer, there was nothing in it. When I browsed my backup, a directory destabaca vi: / Library / SMS / Attachments /. (Can also be / private / var / mobile / Library / SMS / Attachments or / var / mobile / Library / SMS (Attachments).

In this directory had thousands of sub-folders containing images that were sent or received, and going back to my last restoration of the device. There was everything. Things had not seen for months. Things that had been suppressed for months. I know I had removed all my conversations. So why did these files here? "

Before you turn crazy, iClarified reports that Apple could have solved this technical problem quietly in the recent update to iOS 6.1. Still, for people who have in their older firmwares devices, this could pose a security risk. Or at least, a nuisance due to the extra space being used foolishly.

What can you do about it? Well, Jaibreak users can delete all files in this directory using SSH or iFile. Just have to go into your device to the / private / var / mobile / Library / SMS / Attachments and remove sub-folders. However, you must be very careful, this may cause conflicts with other applications.

Obviously, the safest thing is to do a clean restore to iOS 6.1, as this latest version of Apple's operating system seems to solve this problem. And if you should find this problem, not a bad idea to restore also, since it seems that Apple could release iOS 6.1.1 soon, because in this future version is likely to close the exploit that uses Evasi0n Jailbreak, so if do restoration when iOS 6.1.1 has been released, you have to install this new version losing the jailbreak.

Flash: For those who want to check if iOS 6.1 has solved this issue, here's a quick primer to see him. First, identify a folder that contains an attachment using iMessage recent iFunBox tool, and note the directory where you are. After the application enters the conversation and delete messages that have the attachment above. Finally, again iFunBox and navigate to the directory you've noted. If you have iOS 6.1 the folder should be gone.

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