Sunday, February 3, 2013

Defy physics with Geared ingenious puzzles! and Geared 2!, free for today

Test your wit in a classic puzzle game like Geared! and Geared 2!. ingenious, addictive and entertaining: well defined in the App Store. And just today we can download for free.

geared ipad

This is a very simple puzzle game whose objective is to implement the blue gears. Only blue. Easy? Read on!

And for that we put more gear wheels of different sizes, thus uniting the first round, as provided by the game itself, with the last-the-blue. The truth is that at first it may be a game too easy, but the difficulty increases each level, and offers more than 200 levels. So the first will seem very simple, but as we'll go supplementing engaging more and more in this "easy" game.


As we say, you can download for free just for today both the original game in its first version (Geared!) as its continuation (Geared 2!). Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Geared! | Geared 2! | Geared for iPad

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