Thursday, February 21, 2013

Continued noticing the absence of Steve Jobs at Apple

For over one year we left Steve Jobs , the Apple co-founder and illustrious greatly genius lay behind all its products. Since then the opinion of the people have been divided, some think that the company is slowly moving away from the path set by Jobs and within these are those who see this as a positive and those who see it as dangerous for the future of the company. Others simply think that Apple is going to settle down after that tough loss, without ever losing his own style so ingrained from the very foundation of the company.

steve jobs Continúa Notándose la Ausencia de Steve Jobs en Apple

This week we received the opinion of Arthur D Levinson, a member of Apple's board of directors for 13 years, how is life at Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. Levinson became Council president in 2011, after the death of Jobs, having rejected years before a succulent Google to join their team. The executive addressed this issue in a talk at the prestigious School of Business at Stanford University.

As he tells us, the change has been especially palpable in the general environment in Cupertino, qualifies as "strange" the everyday life in the office after the departure of genius.

This was stated:

"I have not yet reached the point of entering the board room and not miss Steve. It was only ... the Steve Jobs who was not known to the public, in large part, I knew Steve Jobs. "

art levinson Continúa Notándose la Ausencia de Steve Jobs en Apple

But we also see as Levinson is optimistic about the future prospects of the company, says its mission to make the best products remains intact and topics like sales are not a priority for them. In addition, he has left a curious note in which he said that the Council is constantly approving new products, even up to 18 months before release. So perhaps issues like AppleTV or iWatch already gone through the Council table and who knows, you may have already tried to iPhone 6.

Definitely valuable information that comes from the heart of Cupertino. Steve Jobs is being noticed in every corner and probably their great imprint never disappear, but good to know that the gears are intact, the company continues this path of innovation and revolution dreamed that one day a crazy hairy in the garage of his parents.

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