Friday, February 1, 2013

Concept: future iOS devices

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What could be the future of iOS devices? On more than one occasion we have imagined with transparent screens, a technology that we are far from fully developed to see. This time, Ricardo Afonso was the designer who brought us this concept that explores the idea of an Apple device with touchscreen and transparent. In this case, we are seeing an iPad mini ultra fine with exquisite design.

Some elements change places: while the front camera and the home button is held in place, the camera goes back to focus on the metal part of the iPad and the speakers do the same at the bottom. The cover and the device name is displayed at the top left, while the battery is displayed on the right (all in the transparent screen).

The curious thing about this unique concept is that in the back would not get to see anything, even though it also present a transparent design. This mini iPad would also be available in two colors: metallic black (only in the parts where you see the two pieces of metal).

More information- 5S concept iPhone design based on mini iPad

Source- Ricardo Afonso

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