Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Compares Amazon Retina Display iPad with the Kindle Fire HD

The advertising world is truly amazing. Each company follows its own strategies and techniques to convince the world that your product is what they need. Not always possible, but sometimes brands do announcements get everyone talking, as in this case Amazon's announcement.

Kindle Fire screen 8.9 inch HD versus the iPad Retina

The company has gone from directly attacking the iPad mini on your website to show an iPad with Retina display in his latest TV ad. In this case, do not speak of the "shortcomings" of the Retina iPad but praise him and compare him with the new Kindle Fire 8.9 inch HD. More specifically compares both screens, saying both offer impressive HD quality, but the iPad is much more expensive.

Unfortunately, Amazon did not tell the whole truth in your ad. It is true that both devices have HD resolutions, but the difference is that the iPad is 2048 × 1536 pixels, while the Kindle Fire Hd is 1920 × 1080 pixels. The screen size differs by less than an inch, so it is clear that the pixel density of Apple's iPad is far greater than the Amazon tablet.

kindle ipad Amazon Compara la Pantalla de iPad Retina con el Kindle Fire HD

I do not know like advertising laws in the U.S., but in the case of Spain an ad of this type could become considered misleading. It is true that both devices have a high resolution screen, but they are not easily comparable two screens as the differences between them are very large, even offering both pretty quality.

The Amazon ad says that the only noticeable difference in the price, but really this is not true as the eye can differentiate on quality and image definition, especially since short distance from the screen, as it will be easier to differentiate the pixels of the Kindle Fire 8.9 inch HD to the iPad 3 or iPad 4 with Retina display.

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