Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cognitile, entertaining puzzle game to train your memory

Cognitile is a puzzle game different than usual, in which we have to train our minds to make progress on each screen. And that is our goal, as we will be explorers, is to reach the treasure on each level.

Cognitile 1

Of course there is a "but" is that each screen is full of traps, which only displayed for a few seconds at the beginning, so once again we will have hidden chart the right course to avoid them all.

The game starts out easy, but which had 5 screens begins to complicate, having to squeeze the most of our memory to avoid die trying.

The game consists of 60 levels predefined but fully extensible through its screen editor, can not only create our own but share them with the community and play shared by the other players in the world.

Cognitile 2 Cognitile 3

The game can be downloaded for free and to be universal, you can download both iPhone / iPod Touch as well as iPad.


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