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Can Apple continue to grow with another version "S" of the iPhone 5?

There have been many rumors about possible updates to this year's iPhone. Most agree that Apple will release two iPhone, but there is some debate about what those phones.

iphone 5s 1 523x350 ¿Puede Apple Seguir Creciendo con otra Versión S del iPhone 5?

We have a rumor that Apple is working on a low cost iPhone will have a different design than the current iPhone and use a plastic housing with a curve at the back similar to the previous iPod. Despite being a cheaper device, Apple could impress with this new handset if called iPhone 5S, because everyone expects that if you launch a terminal with the designation "S" follow the same design of the current iPhone 5 and only hardware upgrade. The new teams are launching Apple's competitors are making things difficult to upgrade "S" which is expected in December. Moreover, we have also seen some rumors about a prototype iPhone with 4.8 inch screen, which is not likely to be the next iPhone, but this has not been enough to again talk of the Apple losing customers by not having screens as large as the competition. Do consumers want or expect a larger screen in the next update of the iPhone or a minor update would suffice?.

What improvements have had the "S" versions past?

As for the "S" versions of the previous iPhone, Apple usually has included some significant improvements: faster processor, improved camera and new software features that take advantage of the faster CPU. The iPhone 3GS included improved 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording and a faster processor and new applications such as voice control, compass and VoiceOver. The iPhone 4S included a new dual-core A5 chip, an updated 8 megapixel camera and Siri. Looking back is a good way to sense the new features that Apple could include in the iPhone 5S, but just an update "S" will be enough to compete with increasingly tempting 5-inch Android smartphone that is competent? Historically Apple has always maintained the same physical design when introduced an update with the name "S".

What improvements could have the iPhone 5S?

However, one way in which Apple could change that pattern would introduce several colors for the iPhone, as they have in the iPod range.


Long ago that have been hearing rumors about the possible introduction of the iPhone in colors beyond black and white. Analysts have predicted recently that this could change with the iPhone 5S . Since Apple has a new line of iPod Touch multicolored aluminum would certainly be a feature that could attract users to buy the iPhone 5S to lack of innovative features. The image below is AnoStyle company, which is receiving much attention for its permanent anodizing process that changes the color of the iPhone. It has been successful in sales because it costs nothing less than $ 249, but it is clear that there is demand for iPhone in several colors.

anostyle iphone5 pink ¿Puede Apple Seguir Creciendo con otra Versión S del iPhone 5?

Software Features

Another way that Apple would capture the attention of users with an iPhone 5S may be offering attractive software to include unique features to this device. Apple has already done in the past. For example, the iPhone 3GS introduced voice control and video recording exclusively as well as with Siri and the iPhone 4S. iOS 7 will arrive sometime in the second half of the year and, on top of the new features, most are expecting a complete redesign of some Apple applications. However, which of these features could make the iPhone unique 5S?. May require applications and features you need enhanced hardware, such as a fingerprint sensor, NFC and a faster CPU.

Siri Offline

siri offline not available ¿Puede Apple Seguir Creciendo con otra Versión S del iPhone 5?

A great features that Apple could introduce and utilizing the faster CPU would be an offline mode for Siri. Apple This service is still in beta and requires that users are connected to Apple's servers for homework. This is a real frustration for users who just want to use dictation, music control, launch applications or make calls without internet connection. Apple could benefit from a faster CPU for some of the prosecutions of Siri and allow use certain features without connecting. Many users have noted that some of these features, such as rendered offline, are already available on some Android devices.


Some analysts have said that Apple will eventually include an NFC chip in the iPhone 5S. Not the first time I heard rumors about it, because Apple was already toying with the idea before launching the iPhone 5, but Android manufacturers are increasingly taking advantage of the NFC system, with payments, and content sharing with wireless charging. If Apple implement NFC in passbook, and even decided to use it for payments of millions of credit cards linked to iTunes, you might have a single competitor, Google Wallet.

Fingerprint Sensor

validity fingerprint sensor 490x350 ¿Puede Apple Seguir Creciendo con otra Versión S del iPhone 5?

Last year Apple acquired Authentec, a company that owns patents related to fingerprint sensors, so it is natural that we have been hearing rumors about the potential possibility of the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S. There have been some Android devices that have been added for safety functions, such as Motorola's Atrix, so an iPhone with a fingerprint sensor and applications that exploit it beyond simply unlock the device, might give a touch of exclusivity to the iPhone 5S. At CES 2013 we saw a company called Validity, which showed its fingerprint sensors implemented under the glass of Android devices that were tested. The technology worked well. It can be implemented on the buttons under the glass as we said, and could serve as an authentication solution for payments.


blackberry facerewind ¿Puede Apple Seguir Creciendo con otra Versión S del iPhone 5?

Another update that Apple may introduce the iPhone 5S, perhaps the most obvious, is some improvement in the camera. Some reports claim that Apple could use one of the 13-megapixel sensor and a flash Sony improved on the back. With many of the Android devices including cameras and 12 and 13 megapixels, the camera upgrade in the iPhone 5S would be a major upgrade for the Apple device. Also expect new features to the camera software. Android 4.2 allows impressive 360-degree photos and BlackBerry showed several improvements in its software with BB10. Panorama mode and the camera application Apple have not been as impressive as expected when launched iOS 6. Another possibility for the camera, though very remote, would be the inclusion of a physical button for taking pictures. While the volume button to take a photo when the camera application is running, it would be much faster than any button to instantly take a picture while in any application. Finally, although it is very likely based on past patterns, Apple may raise FaceTime camera specifications and allow recording at 1080p. This would also be ideal for making FaceTime calls from the terminal.


Improved memory storage would not be surprising considering that Apple has already done before in other versions "S". The iPhone 3GS replaced the 8GB and 16GB models with 16GB and 32GB models, while the iPhone 4S introduced the 64GB model. With the recent announcement of the iPad with 128GB , it would not be too surprising that the next generation iPhone has a model of the same capacity.

When you submit?

Again, if Apple keeps the cycle of recent years, probably the iPhone 5S will be presented in autumn. Apple moved its iPhone launch to launch the iPhone 4S in October 2011 and the iPhone 5 in September 2012. However, there are many rumors that this year the launch could take place in spring or early summer. Analysts say Apple could discuss the iPhone 5S production in March for a release in June or July. In theory, this could lead to a major update in September / October, about a year after launching the iPhone 5. This means, of course, that Apple could break tradition and pass a series of bi-annual publication, and that regardless of the rumored low-cost iPhone.

If history is any indication, it seems likely that the iPhone 5S is launched in autumn. Whereupon, if Apple keeps its previous release patterns, the current iPhone 5 would come down in price. These patterns could be modified slightly if the ultimate low cost iPhone see the light. In other words, the current iPhone 5 could become the cheapest Apple iPhone, while iPhone 5S would the current price of iPhone 5. Scenario would be obvious if Apple decides not to make major changes in release cycles. The question is: which include Apple to impress consumers with another iPhone "S"?.

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