Friday, February 15, 2013

BUMP now allows transferring files to your PC

Ah this point there are few who manage to surprise app, today I came across BUMP updating and I'm surprised. Bump is an app that developed an ingenious way to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, as we know we have no way to do it bluethoot, and this is hitting our iPhones, with this gesture, photos, videos or documents are transferred.

And today premiered update that manages to make transfers from your PC to your iPhone with a simple shock from iPhone to the spacebar. As we enter / , allowing use our location page, open the app, select the file, hit the spacebar to iPhone, give the appropriate permissions ok that all and voila, the page will be opened in the photos or documents you find selected to store on your computer.

The app works the same way for Windows and Mac, as well as all devices with the app installed with either iOS or Android.

As a big plus, that's why I recommend it, is that from this page you can send files from your computer to your iPhone without going through iTunes for transfer, very interesting and very useful

The app is a free download from the AppStore /

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