Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Breaking a gate of $ 100,000 for shoplifting Apple

ladrones apple Rompen una puerta de 100.000 dólares para robar en una tienda de Apple

Again, an Apple store is in the news for being the target of robbers. In this case the robbery took place in the city of Boulder (Colorado, USA) and is estimated to have been thieves loot worth over $ 60,000. But what is striking in this new heist is not the loot, but the damage to the premises.

To reach the site, several hooded threw three stones to the glass door of the Apple Store on Saturday. What you may not know the protagonists of this story is that the broken door was valued at $ 100,000, no more and no less, and it was done for a specific design that establishment. In short, they smashed the door cost more than all products extrajaron site.

The research shows that the masked men took iPads, MacBooks and iPhones, devices that will circulate on the black market in the coming days, probably. Apple products, being as defendants, are easy to sell on sites like Craigslist or eBay.

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Source- The Denver Channel

Article break a door to steal $ 100,000 in an Apple store was originally published in News iPhone .

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