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Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone 5

In this article we review what the best tweaks available in Cydia to apply to your iPhone 5 . Remember that you must have done the jailbreak your smartphone, which is perfectly possible for days even if you have iOS 6.1 installed.

mejores tweaks iphone 5 Mejores Tweaks en Cydia para el iPhone 5

The lists of the best tweaks in Cydia for iPhone 5

SBSettings is the most famous Cydia tweak even one of the simplest. This is a discrete menu at the top status bar where you can put the most common shortcuts, such as WiFi, Bluetooth and more.

Safari Download Plugin adds a download manager iOS browser to own, perfect to get off the files and keep them organized in a folder.

iFile combines perfectly with any other plugin, and gives us access to the iOS file system. Mind you, not a clear system so if you want to change any file, we should know what we do.

Sara provides the same functions of Siri, Apple decided to restrict only the iPhone 4S or greater. Obviously, it works just as well, but more than met its function as a virtual assistant.

inhibits iKnowIt messages iOS battery warning us that we are running at 20 percent, 10 percent and 5 percent.

Activator is also one of the best tweaks for iPhone. Specifically, we can set up various types of presses on the Home button, and multitouch gestures on the screen.

Infiniboard allows us to introduce a vertical scroll on each page of Springboard, which we all folders and applications you want, without having to add new pages.

iBlakcList fulfills the old dream of being able to block incoming calls from different numbers that we put on our blacklist. Ideal for advertising when they call us and we want to continue to insist.

AdBlocker prevents ads appear on web pages in Safari, and in any application that uses the rendering engine to display web information.

Intelliscreen X is like a notification center but raised to the nth power, can add various widgets like RSS readers or direct access to certain apps that we use frequently.

XBMC plays any media file on our iPhone 5, including the powerful MKV. Moreover, we can connect our smartphone via WiFi with your computer to transfer video files remotely.

Folder Enhancer is the manager vitaminado iOS folders. To begin, open folders much faster, we can see them full screen, put folders inside each other, ...

Hands-Free Control allows us to interact with Siri without having to bring our hands to the iPhone. Just have to specify what is the word that will activate the iOS virtual assistant.

xBackup keeps a backup of all our device, for example retaining all installed Cydia tweaks.

What do you think of our list of the best Cydia tweaks for iPhone 5? Añadiríais? Any plugin or modification? Do you think any leftovers?

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