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Best applications for iPhone Email

When it comes to using email on the iPhone, some users find that application "Mail" that comes standard is somewhat limited. Fortunately, in the App Store have many third party applications to cover our needs for emailing.

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Let's talk about some of the email applications that we like from the App Store. We have not included apps that just show the mobile web version of a mail service. Started!


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Sparrow was originally developed for Mac, but after many users asked, finally the team that created the application launched an iPhone version. Soon stood out as one of the best designed mail applications market. Makes a great use of gestures and blanks to ensure that reading and writing email is free of distractions, and uses a double sidebar to separate folders and accounts, and divide the inbox into three sections easily accessible at any time.

The application also offers a unified inbox with customizable view, plus independent firms for each account. Features like sending a file, labeling and archiving, and the ability to check all incoming and read at the same time, are features that save time.

Unlike other applications that display a blank image with users who are not in your contacts, Sparrow makes an effort to get a picture of any place I can to everyone, including emails from websites like Amazon. You can take pictures of the Facebook profile of Gravatar or services such as Twitter, Ebay, Amazon, etc..

Unfortunately Sparrow Push notifications no, determinative reason many consider when choosing another application. Today, Sparrow is just an interface to the mail servers you use. To provide Push Notifications, developers would have to access information stored on their servers and access all messages at any time. The developers believe they have the personal information of users is too great a risk.

Initially launched with Push Sparrow, using VoIP API iOS, but Apple removed the application from the App Store to consider that this method was an abuse of the VoIP function. A free tweak the Jailbreak was developed to re-enable this feature, although the application to be running in the background all the time can have a negative impact on battery life.

Google acquired in July Sparrow and development, both versions of iPhone and Mac, has been detained since then. Apart from a few bug fixes and the inclusion of support for the iPhone 5, the application has not been updated since the purchase, and is expected to remain unchanged. He was developing an iPad version but apparently not be released eventually.


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Gmail for iPhone has recently undergone a complete overhaul and has been updated to version 2.0. Fortunately, the new version is much better than its predecessor. The first version had a lot of criticism, because it was just a wrapper for the mobile web version of Gmail with one or two additional features. The new version includes a completely native interface that is faster and easier to use. It is a universal app, so it's compatible with the iPad and the iPad Mini.

Gmail 2.0 was launched after Google acquired Sparrow, but according to the Mountain View, Sparrow's team has not contributed to their creation.

Gmail has support for Push notifications from the start, but had a difficult start with version 1.0, as it appears that the application was not configured correctly and push notifications not working well. This problem was solved in a future update and notifications and work perfectly.

Unfortunately, Gmail 2.0 is a "but" quite large: no unified inbox to see all email in one place. This means you have to open the sidebar and switch between accounts to read your email. It is more a nuisance than a major inconvenience, but lost some time ago.

Yahoo Mail

yahoo mail iphone 197x350 Mejores Aplicaciones de Correo Electrónico para el iPhone

It is the simplest and most direct application of all analyzed. It's the one with fewer features of all. Besides reading and composition, not much else to do in Yahoo Mail messages can slide for a list of available actions, like in Gmail or Sparrow, but this is the only gesture that supports.

It is badly designed, but the aesthetics leave much to be desired. The most common color of the application is the color purple. This color is good to highlight a few things, but do a whole application based on this color can become unpleasant. The application supports push notifications for new mail, but they look very messy in the Notification Center, as it tries to cram as much information in the notification. An email with a signature phrase and occupies five lines in the Notifications Center.


 Mejores Aplicaciones de Correo Electrónico para el iPhone

Mailbox is the "new girl in the office." The application was launched yesterday and most users are waiting to give you access through the booking system that are designed to keep the service running smoothly. The truth is that the application has created a buzz. And no wonder, when users access eventually will find a mail application incredibly well designed and well thought out.

Instead of treating the messages as messages, Mailbox treats them as objects that have to do something in alguún time, as a to-do list. This means that we can reprogram a mail to arrive at the time we create more convenient, use the "Later" or add to a list, as we would in the Reminders application to separate tasks into different groups.

Mailbox also focuses on reducing extraneous bits of messages, including the long chains of emails that end up generating a lot of garbage and heavy messages. What it does is store mail on the server of the company itself. For many this can be a major security breach. If you want to delete the mail from Mailbox servers, you must enter the setup, select the account and delete it from "everywhere Mailbox" which does just that.

The application has many gestures. There are four different ways to slip a mail to the action that we want to accomplish. This may seem daunting at first, but once you see it in action and get used is very easy to handle. Depending on the direction and length of the touch, you can add a message to a list, save it for later, file it or throw it away. The app supports push notifications for new messages.

Mailbox is well designed, includes many interesting features and is easy to use, but the security problems posed by allowing our messages are stored on their servers may be a risk that more than one user is not willing to take.


It is difficult to name any of these applications as absolute winner. Sparrow is a well-designed customer for most mail services, but lacks push notifications and to buy Google, seems to have been somewhat neglected. Mailbox is an ideal application for Gmail, but does not work with other services, so if you use other accounts (work, iCloud) will have to use two different applications, as well as raise some security issues, as explained above. Applications "official" created by Yahoo and Gmail have full integration with all the features of their services, but lack many features considered standard for e-mail, including support for multiple accounts or a unified inbox.

However, I'm wet and I will give the winner a prize Mailbox. It's the fastest, easiest to use, supports push notifications and also well managed chain mails. I am willing to accept the inherent security risks of allowing my email is stored on a third party server. Maybe for someone who can handle sensitive information is not an acceptable risk.

What do you think? What application you use to view the email on your iPhone?

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