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Battery Problems iOS 6.1 could be related to Exchange

Yesterday we saw that some users reported overheating and battery problems on their iPhone after upgrading to iOS 6.1. On the other hand, I also have the same item that Vodafone UK had advised its customers that iOS 6.1 could cause some problems with 3G coverage in the iPhone 4S, recommending not to upgrade if you have not already done so.

But the problem seems to be somewhat broader. The iDownloadblog blog has received several comments indicating that readers are not in the UK and do not have an iPhone 4S, and still are having problems with battery life. Apparently Exchange have discovered that may be the culprit.

problemas ios 6 exchange Los Problemas de BaterĂ­a de iOS 6.1 PodrĂ­an Estar Relacionados con Exchange

Problems with the battery to upgrade to iOS 6.1? It may be because of Exchange

9to5Mac reports that AOL Corporate has asked its employees to temporarily disable the ability to manage meetings via their mobile devices, due to a bug in iOS 6.1. Apparently, a failure in the Exchange server causing reduction of battery life.

Here's an excerpt from internal e-mail sent to Michael Freker AOL employees:

"We have investigated the problem and appears to be related to a recently identified problem, which seems to be the reason why iOS devices enter an infinite loop when trying to sync a calendar invitation. Similar problems have been reported by various sources to various media across the web in recent days. "

Michael is right, apart from the above report of Vodafone, a number of users are complaining about the battery life and performance issues after upgrading to iOS 6.1. The thread about open there in the Apple support forum is about 20,000 visitors.

Everyone seems to be noticing the same thing after upgrading to iOS 6.1 Your iOS device (for all devices) you start to notice a considerable decrease battery life. And all have solutions that involve removing and re-adding the Exchange accounts.

Here you have a solution that gives a user the right forum:

"The official explanation that has given me an unidentified source of the Cupertino company is that the failure is due to an infinite loop trying to communicate with the Exchange server. Unfortunately, only restarting the device does not work. Deleting the account is necessary to eliminate the problem at the invitation of the tail.

The solution is annoying but effective:

  • Remove the Exchange account
  • Re-create the Exchange account
  • Do not respond to meeting invitations from the device to iOS 6.1.1 comes out "

Thinking about it, this sounds much like an Exchange error that appeared back in October. Anyway, we do not know anything about a possible official solution from Apple, but if it is true that Apple has sent the first beta of iOS 6.1.1 to developers this week. The truth is that the block should get a solution quickly. A company that uses the iPhone for their employees can not be with this problem.

Do you guys have experienced problems with the battery since upgrading to iOS 6.1?

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