Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bad Piggies Rovio updated with 36 new levels

bad piggies Rovio actualiza Bad Piggies con 36 niveles nuevos Rovio, the game developer company as the famous Angry Birds Bad Piggies updates its game by adding 36 new levels to enjoy its users and a new game mode. The company pampers users their applications with constant updates to levels that games are not forgotten by our Springboard.

These new levels are released at 30 levels to the game phase "flight of the night" where we go to our ingenuity to continue to create the gadgets used as vehicles for pigs to overcome each scenario, but add a new mode game called "Road Hogs" consisting of six levels that fight is by racing vehicles race against our rivals in the gadgets that we have created.

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Also added six new Game Center achievements with which users keep competing against the world by getting them

The update is now available in the App Store, but if you do not enjoy this game named IGN Game of the Year 2012 you can download it directly from the App Store at a price of 0.89 euros in the version for iPhone and iPod Touch by pressing the link below.

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533451786es Rovio actualiza Bad Piggies con 36 niveles nuevos Bad Piggies
Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Rated: 4 +
Price: € 0.89 (Download application)

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