Monday, February 11, 2013

As Apple Sales Exceed Language Barrier

Need another measure to keep the race between Apple and Android? In what language?

This is the argument of a new report that has come to light, which suggests that Apple's iPhone is primarily in English-speaking countries, while Samsung's Android smartphones are very popular in Asia, Africa and Latin South, where English-speaking consumers are a minority.

siri languages 370x350 Como las Ventas de Apple Superan la Barrera del Idioma

Android is more popular in non-English speaking countries

After analyzing the Twitter accounts of Apple and Samsung, a researcher at the University King Saud University (KSU) in Saudi Arabia noticed that 75% of Apple fans are English-speaking, while about 35% of Samsung fans are foreign language.

Dr Esam Alwagait of KSU explains:

"According to our research, while Apple is more popular in English-speaking countries, Samsung prevails elsewhere, especially in Asia and Africa."

So Apple surely could profit by producing an iPhone more "friendly" for non-English speaking consumers.

In a graph illustrating the number of followers that Apple and Samsung are in Twitter of differential continents, the two rivals are evenly matched in regions such as North America, Europe and Australia, but there is a great disparity in Asia, Africa and America South, places where English is not spoken.

KSU Localization Apple Samsung language data 636x350 Como las Ventas de Apple Superan la Barrera del Idioma

Since the launch of iPhone 5 in India on November 2, Apple has made changes in store for iOS devices, as well as music and videos purchased through iTunes. The App Store now offers the Indian consumers, the ability to purchase applications with the local currency, the rupiah, and not just in dollars.

However, South Korea's Samsung already has global leadership in location and, as we saw, Android is increasing its sales in some markets such as the Chinese.

According Alwagait, 25% of Samsung's followers in Twitter speak Spanish, while another 10% speaks Portuguese, a language widely used in South America, Africa and Asia.

As noted by Cult Of Android, another reason for the dominance of Samsung in the non-English speaking regions is that the company offers a very wide variety of smartphones, compared to Apple only offers the iPhone.

However, Apple has not been stopped and has made great strides in adapting to non-English speaking markets.

KSU Localization Apple Samsung language data 002 Como las Ventas de Apple Superan la Barrera del Idioma

Alongside reports say Siri will offer their guidance in several languages, the South Korean carmaker Hyundai has announced it will integrate Siri in their cars. In Brazil, Apple is expected to offer the iPhone 5 with support for Portuguese.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for Apple in the non-English speaking countries is the price of their devices. From emerging markets like China, India and Brazil are reports showing that Android is ahead because its price is lower. Apple is adapting to the economic reality of the world and try to make some progress in this direction, for example, experimenting with some new interest-free payment plans in China.

What do you think about it? Do you think that in Europe or the United States there are more iPhone because more money?

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