Thursday, February 7, 2013

Apple working on a new method of identifying users and Hearing Screening

Browse the Apple patent mountains always brings surprises. There are literally thousands of processes, devices, systems and concepts patented by Apple company that never see the light. However, from time to time should take a look as they can give us clues about the next succulent movements of the Californian company.

In this case, we will stand on two patents carefully revealed this week, which shows different ways to interact more naturally with the user. Specifically, the first of which provides a new way to identify users to unlock your iPad or iPhone, and the second one will try to realize the device that the user is using some type of hearing aid.

Apple working on a new method of identifying users to unlock iOS

The first one was published earlier this week in the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States, and following. Imagine that your iPhone will show one of the photos you have stored on the reel, when you want to unlock the device. The user must answer a few questions about the image (that you previously specified the smartphone owner), if it is to unlock the terminal. Logically, this would also work on the iPad or iPod Touch.

apple patente identificacion audifonos 1 Apple Trabaja en un Nuevo Método de Identificación de Usuarios y de Detección de Audífonos

The typical example is shown of the face of one of our acquaintances, along with a list of names. You want to unlock the terminal should specify exactly who it is. The name will slide right person to the right, with the typical gesture to which we are accustomed.

This system of social protection, more human, something that Facebook has been using for years to help us get into their pages when we forget our password. The truth is that this would avoid having to memorize an unlock code, but to change anyone who knows the answer to the question, could enter without problems.

Apple is working on a new method of detection of hearing aids for users with hearing impairments

Apple is always thinking of helping people with certain disabilities to use their devices. Not surprisingly, multiple accessibility aids have earned several awards from associations for the disabled. This second patent is going on all this.

IOS is assumed that, by itself, would be able to determine if the user is using is using a hearing aid or not. To do this, use a proximity sensor and a magnetic field sensor, which would be responsible for detecting the device in the ear hearing impaired user.

apple patente identificacion audifonos 2 650x403 Apple Trabaja en un Nuevo Método de Identificación de Usuarios y de Detección de Audífonos

The algorithm would work as follows. In the case of determining who is in front of someone with a hearing aid, one way commute forcing the sound power as a function of the distance to the user and the position on the headset. If not, run in normal mode.

What do you think these patents? Will we see any forthcoming revisions of iOS, the iPhone and the iPad?

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