Monday, February 11, 2013

Apple Wins Billion dollars annually from Google

It is no secret that in recent years the relationship between Google and Apple is rather poor. Still, both companies are, in a way, forced to support each other, and thanks to the combination of both companies make a lot of money and especially many customers. In Apple's case, she is forced to accept their applications in the App Store and Google's case looks like this application will publish reports juicy ad revenue throughout the year.

In addition, Apple also brings benefit to set Google as default search engine in Mobile Safari on the iPad , iPhone and iPod touch. According to the latest forecast from analysts, Apple may be billed to Google about a billion dollars for selling the devices configured with the default search engine.

ipad safari Apple Gana Mil Millones de Dólares Anuales Gracias a Google

Apple could be making a billion dollars a year thanks to set Google as default search engine on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

There is no doubt that the agreement between the two companies is very beneficial, especially for Apple, but Google also benefits because it receives convert mobile traffic getting in profit from the ads displayed in your pages. Definitely a good deal for both companies.

Apple is not the only company that Google pays to set your default search engine. For example, Mozilla also receives about $ 300 million for setting up the search engine in the Firefox browser and Firefox OS operating system.

For Apple profits made by Google are quite low considering the money generated throughout the year (only had earnings last quarter by 13 billion dollars), but Google is more significant amount, since among the 2008 and 2011 80% of the profits of mobile traffic came directly from the navigation from iOS devices certainly a very high figure and a great example of how the Mountain View company depends to some extent on the Cupertino .

It is noteworthy that the billions of dollars in profits for Apple are based on estimates and that the figure has not been confirmed by any of the two companies, but considering that it is the first time there is talk of this amount would not be not unreasonable that the number is really close to this. There is no doubt that Apple is able to make money even under rocks, at least at the moment he is living.

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