Monday, February 11, 2013

Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone in June (According Topeka Capital)

After discovering several unreleased iPhone prototype through a search conducted in December, analysts at research firm Capital Topeka are fully convinced that Apple is preparing to launch a lower-priced iPhone this summer.

iphone barato 650x487 Apple Lanzará un iPhone más Barato en Junio (Según Topeka Capital)

low-cost iPhone in June

Analyst Brian White sent a note to clients recently that read:

"In late December, our investigation found some iPhone prototypes with different screen sizes, ready for a potential launch in May / June, which will allow better market Apple branch and pave the way for a lower-priced iPhone. '

The analyst goes on to say that he believes that June will be when it launches the iPhone cheaper, and also could be launched with names like "iPhone Mini" or "iPhone Air" given the lighter weight of the prototypes because the plastic housing.

White also talks about the possible price of the device:

"We believe that a price between $ 250 and $ 300 for a lower-priced iPhone would make sense, would cost 58% lower than the 16GB iPhone 5, which is priced at $ 649.

Priced between $ 250 and $ 300 would also be competitive with Chinese Xiaomi device, which provides an experience of high-end smartphone, priced at $ 320 in China. "

Even with an estimated gross margin of 10 to 15 percentage points below the existing iPhone models, the analyst believes that a device that will allow Apple price significantly expand its reach in the market of smartphones and expand its foray into China while also opening opportunities in other markets like Brazil, Russia and India, where growth potential is at its highest level.

"For example, it is estimated that Apple could not address at least 60% of the smartphone market in 2012 due to the high price of the iPhone, while we believe that a high percentage of annual growth of smartphones, estimated at 688 million units between 2012 and 2016 by IDC, will be out of the high-end market. "

As to how Apple plans to reduce the selling price of this course iPhone Mini, White believes the device will include a display, casing, memory, processor and affordable camera. In his words:

"The housing is the area where most can save costs Apple using a lower cost material (such as plastic) in comparison with the aluminum unibody used in the iPhone 5, while the addition of colors could be a complaint for consumers. "

What do you think? Apple will launch an iPhone? Low cost eventually? Will this iPhone the iPhone 5S ?

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