Saturday, February 23, 2013

Apple will have to borrow if you double the dividend to shareholders

apple dividendos Apple tendrĂ¡ que pedir prĂ©stamos si dobla el dividendo para los accionistas

The price of Apple's stock has suffered a considerable drop in months. Only your health seems to have improved during the last days before the company's intentions to distribute dividends to its shareholders. We already know that Steve Jobs was never in favor of distributing benefits and under his leadership over the past 20 years never yielded to the shareholders. Tim Cook has already made its first distribution and the second appears to be on track.

But Apple has encountered a problem that must be overcome. The company owns more than 1 37 billion dollars in cash scattered at different countries in which it operates, therefore, take this money to the U.S. to pay dividends entail excessive spending on taxes. We know it is not easy to transfer large amounts of money between different countries and that activity involves paying high taxes.

To solve this problem, the company would be considering the option of borrowing from U.S. banks with low interest. With this move, Apple would end up losing less money by shifting some of their profits directly to the country.

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Source- CNN

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